Reference and Information Services Department

RIS department provides direct personal service to the library users.

The major functions of RIS are; to provide direct personal service to the library's users, to guide and help clientele in finding information/research sources they need in all formats, to support University's instructional program through formal and informal library instruction, and to offer users access to materials available in other libraries and information centers both inside the Kingdom and abroad. The RIS is headed by a Manager supported by well-qualified professional staff. Users are most welcome either to e-mail the concerned ID or call RIS telephone numbers: 013-860-3016 for assistance.

Reference & Information Assistance (Reference Desk)

This service is personal assistance provided by members of the reference staff to library users in pursuit of information. The Information Desk offers general information and research help in the respective areas of the library user interest. In general, we answer questions about the location of materials and services provided within the KFUPM Libraries. Undergraduate students are assisted in finding resources to complete their assignments. Assistance provided to the patrons is:

  • Assistance in using Library Online Catalog
  • Assistance in using Self-Check-out Machine
  • Finding out complete or accurate references
  • Identifying full journal titles from abbreviations
  • Finding specific and accurate information
  • Finding full-text electronic journals
  • Finding proper citation of the publication

We also help in the use of the Library Catalog and other resources available online.

Electronic Services

The electronic resources for reference service contain a wide variety of information types as well as several channels for information delivery. The electronic resources available in the KFUPM Library can be categorized as follows:

  • Bibliographic resources
  • Image (full-text) resources
  • Multimedia resources
  • E-Journals
  • E-Reference

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services

ILL is a service through which the KFUPM Library borrows books and acquires photocopies of articles from other libraries and in turn, supplies books and photocopies to other libraries. The philosophy of ILL is to complement the resources of the KFUPM Library. Every effort is made to exhaust the resources of the KFUPM Library before utilizing ILL Service. KFUPM faculty, staff graduate, and students are eligible to request ILL. The patron can submit ILL requests by filling out a form available under Online Services>Interlibrary Loan. For further queries about ILL, please dial 3016.

Literature Searches

Reference Librarians provide help in literature searches according to the needs of the patrons for the comprehensive and retrospective search of several databases. We require your search topic and limitations to conduct a search.

Library Instruction Program

The KFUPM Library has been conducting a user education program for many years. It is our endeavor to train the library users so that they can get the maximum benefit out of various facilities and services of the library. Types of Instruction Programs on offer:

  • New Faculty Library Orientation Program
  • Library Orientation of Graduate Students & Research Assistants
  • Library Orientation of Undergraduate Students (English Language Program)
  • Library Orientation of UOP (University Orientation Program)
  • Point of Use (one-to-one) Orientation Program
  • Presentation of Seminars & Tutorial

To request a library instructional session please send an email at For further details about the Instructional, Program Please dial 3016.

Library Search Guides

The RIS is producing on regular basis a number of search guides to help its users in retrieving the information from various online databases as per their needs. Published copies of such guides are also available upon request at the Reference Desk.

Reference Collection

The KFUPM Library has a rich Reference Collection in the form of books, journals, and electronic databases useful for consulting and supplying authoritative information or identifying sources. Generally, the materials available in the reference collection are not to be borrowed for use outside the library.

The reference collection/material consists of the following types of materials in different formats. Types and Formats of Reference Collection:

  • Almanacs, Handbooks, Yearbooks
  • Bibliographies
  • Biographical Sources
  • Catalogs, Dictionaries (Language, Subjects, etc.)Directories
  • Encyclopedias (General & Subject)
  • Geographical Sources; Maps, Atlases, etc.
  • Government Documents and Statistics
  • Indexes and Abstracts
  • Standards, etc.

Reference Collection Development

The KFUPM Library develops and maintains the reference collection to support the teaching, research, and general information needs of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students, faculty, and other researchers/users.

A systematic approach is followed by reference librarians to develop this collection. Some important considerations include objectives, subject, scope, size, type of materials, etc.

Tours & Orientations

Brief or extensive tours of the KFUPM Main Library are available upon request to individuals and groups. Visitors and students may find these tours useful in understanding the importance of the libraries in general and the resources available at the KFUPM Main Library. The Library also provides guided tours to the students of local schools on a regular basis. Please contact the office of the Deanship of Library Affairs at 860 3000 or email to lib.dean {at kfupm dot edu dot sa}